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Paul Reeves: Book, CD's, Scores


How do we raise our kids to be successful and happy, while keeping them staying away from peer pressure and the nefarious characters who populate our society - the same nefarious characters who would love to "mentor" your children toward alternative lifestyles that are from different than your own morals and beliefs? Dr. Paul Reeves explains how to do it in his new book, "A Principal's Family Principles", in which he explains that the most important person in your child's life needs to be . . . YOU! In Reeves' book, you will laugh, cry, and feel joyous at the outpouring of stories that he shares with us, all of which are true stories based upon the lives of his children and the lives of some of his thousands of students over the years, . . . and all of which can help us to be better parents. By being the most important person in your child's life every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year, you can help to ensure that your kids will be raised to be successful and happy!

"VIBES IN THE NIGHT" - February 5, 2015


Paul Reeves recently released "VIBES IN THE NIGHT". Completed in the fall of 2006 and released in December of 2006, this great CD, featuring several jazz classics and Paul's virtuosity, arrangements, and terrific musicianship on the Vibes, Piano, Drum Set, Auxiliary Percussion, and Bass, Guitar, and String Synthesizers, along with his personal arrangements of the tunes, will keep you listening for many hours.

AUTUMN LEAVES - We begin with vintage Paul! His first love in jazz is the be-bop style, in which the bass and drums constantly drive and push the band forward, while the piano provides the chords. Over this foundation, Paul’s vibes carry the melody and much of the solo work, although he lets the piano take a solo turn, as well! The lyrics to the tune are sad, but you wouldn’t know it in this rendition, as Paul’s playing evokes happy thoughts that are sure to have you tapping your toe from beginning to end!

SATIN DOLL - When Paul was still in high school, he often played at the Elks Club in a band with his Band Director. One of his favorite tunes to play was “Satin Doll”, because, as he said, “The drums got a chance for some solo work throughout the tune!” His drum work in this chart doesn’t disappoint, as he mixes solo/fill work with his same relentless driving force that made him one of the most in-demand jazz drummers in the area! Listen to the bridge on the Vibes solo …. then try to write it down or sing it back ….. you can’t do it, can you? One of my favorite moments in listening to Paul’s artistry is when he solos over the bar lines, yet somehow manages to end up right on cue with the band!

THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE - This is one of my favorite cuts on the CD! All elements of the bossa nova, as well as the playing of the Vibes, Drums, Bass, Piano, and Auxiliary Percussion are tops on his version of this Jobim tune! Note the Bobby Hutcherson and Milt Jackson influences on this tune, that is, before our vibist goes back into his vintage Paul W. Reeves style. This is one of the tunes that you will listen to over and over, both for its jazz elements, as well as its easy-to-listen-to quality!

I’M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE - I am not sure how to make a ballad swing with intensity, but Paul sure did it on this track! I watched him record the solos for this track and I could see the intensity and emotional output exuding from him in multiple doses! Paul always puts everything that he has into his playing, but it’s never more evident than on his ballad work.

ALL OF ME - Another sad, sad song, in terms of the lyrics, but hold on …… there’s no sadness in Paul’s version of this standard tune, as his upbeat tempo, driving bass and drums (note the Buddy Rich-style hi-hat playing in measures 3 and 4!) and lightning fast Vibes and Piano solos make this the happiest tune on the CD! Another toe-tapper throughout the song, you’ll need a drink of very cold water after you hear this non-stop drive from beginning to end!

DON’T GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE - O.K., I finally figured it out; Paul Reeves has a gift for taking incredibly sad songs and making them sound happy. I actually found myself smiling during his piano solo and trying to figure out the notation on his over-the-bar-line solo on Vibes ………. I couldn’t figure out the notation, but I was able to continue the smile that was left over from the Piano solo! Another Ellington tune, this has always been one of Paul’s favorite tunes to play at gigs, as its a little unpredictable with its chord structure, yet fun to listen to and play. Enjoy!

THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA - For years, this was Paul’s 2nd or 3rd tune at each gig. This tune is always guaranteed to get toes taping, fingers tapping, and minds wandering to the beaches of Ipanema or your own favorite beach! To differentiate from some of his speedy Vibes solos on other cuts, Paul takes it easy on this solo by incorporating fewer notes, but not compromising any musicianship. You’ll also like his electric Piano solo, as well as the strings at the bridge. A natural drummer, his drum set and auxiliary percussion work are outstanding on this cut, as they lay the ever-present foundation for the tune without ever getting in the way of the Ipanema travels of the other instruments!

I WANNA PLAY NOW! - Paul wrote this blues tune while he was a junior in high school. He and some of his friends formed a band that performed for their own National Honor Society induction ceremony and Senior Awards Night, and, yes, they played this song. Before the Vibes and Piano exchange fours and before the Bass takes his own 12 bars, can you count the number of notes in Paul’s Vibes solo? I watched him record the solo and it sure looked like smoke was coming from his mallets when the 12 bars were over! But, in typical Paul W. Reeves style, his smokin’ hot Vibes solo ended up right on cue, leaving the listener mesmerized!

SEVEN STEPS TO HEAVEN - Paul first had the chance to play this Miles Davis classic at a jazz club on the East Side of Detroit. As he puts it, "We played there every Sunday night, we packed the place, and I couldn't wait to play this tune on drums, as there are ample moments for fills, as well as an extended solo!". Paul's 240 beats per minute will leave you breathless, from his statement of the melody through the vibes and piano solos and the extended drum solo that gets the heart racing! Another instant Paul W. Reeves classic!

This CD, with Paul’s signature touch, is now available for only $10.00. Click on the BUY NOW link to order through PayPal! You can also download Paul's music for only 99 cents per song through "iTunes"!

"CHRISTMAS VIBES" - February 1, 2015


Paul Reeves has done it again! To celebrate the Christmas season, he has recorded some of our favorite Christmas songs in his unique style, featuring his playing of the Vibes, Drum Set, Piano, and Auxiliary Percussion, as well as the Strings, Bass, and Guitar Synthesizers. All parts were written, arranged, and performed by Paul W. Reeves. The following Christmas songs are found on “CHRISTMAS VIBES”:

SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN – From his “Basie”-like opening, to the swinging melody, and through his lightning fast solo on the Vibes, this might become your favorite version of this Christmas favorite. A real toe-tapper from beginning to end!

LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! - After teasing us with a two-step throughout the statement of the melody, Paul kicks in with full-bore swinging for the Vibes and Piano solos, before returning to the two-step to finish the song. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step!

CHRISTMAS BOSSA (“Here Comes Santa Claus”, “Frosty the Snowman”, and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”) - How do you record a mainland American Christmas medley and invoke feelings of Latin America, Central America, South America, and Hawaii, as well as several other locales? I don’t know, but Paul W. Reeves sure figured it out! His “Christmas Bossa”, already a favorite among the locals, will become your favorite, too. From his non-stop percussion work (including some solos!), through his tantalizing chords and Vibes and Piano solos that will make you want to travel south, Paul has captured the style and feel of all of those exotic locations!

CHRISTMAS MEDLEY (“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “White Christmas”) – In one of his non-solo pieces, Paul lays the foundation for Christmas with his seemingly relaxed, yet swinging with intensity, renditions of two of the most popular Christmas songs. He is able to capture a relaxed and warm feeling, while creating a toe-tapping sensation. This medley is perfect for relaxing, dancing, and/or toe-tapping ….. your choice!!

JINGLE BELLS – O.K., here we go with vintage Paul Reeves ….. Jingle Bells recorded at a fast tempo with jazz influences from beginning to end! From the Bass introduction, through the outstanding Vibes and Piano solos, and including the outstanding Drum Set work, Paul’s version of this favorite might force you to find a cold, wet towel when it’s over!

WINTER WONDERLAND – Another Christmas favorite, Paul lets us calm down from the previous song, as he relaxes the tempo and style, although he manages to kick it up a notch during the solo work. Yet another relaxing toe-tapper from beginning to end. O.K., I give up – how does Paul manage to create a relaxed atmosphere AND a toe-tapper at the same time?

THE CHRISTMAS SONG – One of Paul’s favorites, he takes his time to develop this song through the melody before he creates a dreamy solo that will create the warm feeling of Christmas for you. An instant Paul W. Reeves classic!

SILENT NIGHT – Put the jazz aside!! Using his classical influences, Paul utilizes the Vibes, Celesta, Glockenspiel, and Electric Piano to create a track that will give you chills and maybe put you in tears when it’s over. A simply beautiful rendition of this tune, it comes with a warning: Get a box of Kleenex ready before you listen!

Another winning CD with Paul's personal touch, it is now available for only $10.00. Click the BUY NOW link to order through PayPal. You can also download Paul's music for only 99 cents per song through "iTunes"!!

MUSICAL SCORES - January 28, 2015



An emotionally moving piece, Paul's use of a flowing melody, lush harmonies, and even 13th chords, brings the piece to gradual heights throughout before hitting the climax near the end of the piece - before "Ascension" settles down to its rightful place with a peaceful ending, one that is sure to leave you breathless at its beauty.  


Featuring music in 4/4, 7/8/, and 3/4 time, as well as utilizing explosive passages and a Latin-American middle section, Paul's "Fantastico" is guaranteed to bring audiences out of their seats and it is sure to be one of your students' favorite pieces of the year!



Written in Paul's classic march style, this piece opens with technically difficult passages for all instruments, before the drum solo leads us to the main theme. As is always the case, Paul is careful to allow all instruments an opportunity for the melody, as well as rich harmonic phrasing throughout the piece. 


A statement of triumph from the opening measure, this piece invokes feelings of success, achievement, and a bold and daring adventure that one must often undertake in order to achieve great heights!


A smooth and melodic piece, "Victory Dance" allows for significant ensemble playing, as well as the opportunity to balance chords. The woodwinds and trumpets carry the melody during the fist theme before allows the lower brass to boldly take over to make their presence known! An invigorating drum section part keeps the audience tapping their toes.  



"Big Boss Don" suggests a deep, rhythmic, and definitive statement, beginning with the trombones and bass before the trumpets enter with a splash with the main theme, while the saxes kick in with the counter melody during the first theme. Paul's written solos for all instruments complete this "get out of your seat and dance" piece!


A blues Rock N' Roll tune? Yes, it is! Between the solid underpinning of the bass line, over which the melody, counter melody, and harmonies exist, while allowing plenty of room for the rhythm section to shine, "Home Plate" has already become a crowd favorite!


Written to give players and audiences a feel for the inner city, this piece invokes the daily life that one must often leads when living "In The City". The solid bass line, coupled with the explosive melody, caries the tune, while the harmonies and counter melodies add to the suspense of this excellent tune!

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