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Paul Reeves: Home


Welcome to the website of Paul Reeves, a longtime Detroit area author, radio talk show host, music educator, composer/arranger, and professional musician! While you're here, take a few moments to check out Paul's new book, "A Principal's Family Principles", his CD's, entitled "Vibes in the Night" and "Christmas Vibes", his Educational Blog, and his other pages! Paul's book and music CD's can be purchased right now by clicking on the BUY NOW link.

Paul Reeves has spent over 30 years as a professional educator, a career that has seen him establish the largest and most decorated Band program in the Midwest (353 students per day!), as well as being a teacher of Mathematics, English, and Spanish. While serving as a K-12 teacher, it was normal to see his classroom filled with over 100 students each day before school, during lunch, and after school!

During the administrative portion of his career, he was responsible for raising some standardized test scores by as much as 400%, while doubling and tripling most other test state scores; changing his school’s inherited grade of “F” to “A” in assessments; raising his school’s Report Card by two whole letter grades in two years; increasing enrollment by as much as 50%; serving as a statewide conference speaker on “Instructional Practices”; and leading an entire district to financial solvency, while improving curriculum, standardized test scores, technology, and instructional practices and always pursuing the students’ best interests.

However, as much as he enjoyed his career with students, his greatest joy came with his three blessings, a daughter and two sons. As you will read in his book, Dr. Paul Reeves spent as much time as possible with his kids; took them to their activities; encouraged them to be successful, while showing them the way; attended their events; and tried to always be the rock of the family on whom his kids could rely while establishing their own paths through life.

In addition to currently operating his school, Paul serves as a consultant to other schools, districts, teachers, administrators, and School Boards, mostly in the areas of instructional practices, curriculum, personnel, business practices, and staff development. And, of course, he works with multiple parent groups, so that they can also learn to raise their kids to be happy and healthy, while enjoying them to the fullest!

For years, since he was 16 years old, Paul has led his own band and has played in several others. From jazz, pop, classical, and rock styles, Paul has played it all equally well. While he is mostly known for his percussion talent, especially his work on the vibes and drums, Paul also plays the Piano, as well as the Strings, Bass, and Guitar Keyboards. In addition, on his CD's, he further displays his virtuosity in music, as he wrote, arranged, played, recorded, and mixed all of the parts.

The final products are truly his own creations from beginning to end. Influenced heavily by the playing of jazz musicians Buddy Rich, Bobby Hutcherson, Milt Jackson, Ray Brown, Count Basie, and Oscar Peterson, as well as the music of several classical composers, including Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, and scores of others, Paul's rare blend of musicianship, virtuosity, and the knack for playing the right notes at the right time, make his CD's worth listening to over and over, as many of us have already done!

(Hey everybody, while you're here, in addition to checking out his CD's, send Paul an e-mail and sign his guestbook. He'd love to here from you and he'll even write back!) - (Notes By: Sarah H. LaVerney)